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Heppocrateon Hospital 10 Psaron Str. 2408 Engomi Lefkosia, Cyprustel: +357 22502000, +357 22262260email: admissions@hippocrateon.com

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Putting patients first

Putting patients first is the primary goal in our mission statement at the Hippocrateon Private Hospital which is located in Engomi Nicosia.

At Hippocrateon we believe that health care must be centered on the needs, desires, and wants of patients and their families.

We do that by paying attention to the fundamentals requirements in providing of quality healthcare.

Competency: In Cyprus when patients come to Hippocrateon they will receive excellent care. Competency at Hippocrateon is not just a general word. At Hippocrateon competency is specific and it has to do with good doctors, caring well trained and disciplined nurses, adequate and sufficient resources and robust policies and procedures.

At the Hippocrateon we are fortunate to have many of the best Specialist Clinicians in Cyprus.  Our doctors continually keep abreast of new and updated clinical practice in order that they can provide their patients with the highest quality, most appropriate and effective treatments. The hospital regularly invites internationally renowned specialists to provide them with training and support in the delivery of advanced and specialized surgical procedures.  This promotes learning opportunities not only for our doctors and nurses but also provides our patients with otherwise unavailable specialist clinical care.

At Hippocrateon we have the lowest turnover of nurses in Cyprus. Our nursing staff has vast experience is well trained and they worked as a team in providing quality nursing care to our patients.

Good doctors and caring nurses though are not enough. Modern healthcare requires hospitals to be adequately equipped. At Hippocrateon we have made the investments so our clinicians and nurses have everything they need to provide excellent healthcare to our patients.

Finally at Hippocrateon we have recognized that a hospital cannot achieve its potential unless it has a responsible and effective management structure which will implement policies and procedures that will help our clinicians to deliver quality care.

Empathy: we recognize that when people are visiting us they are in pain and anxious. It is our responsibility to make them feel welcome, to alleviate their concerns and anxieties to support them emotionally and spiritually and in general to help them and their family heal.

Honesty: At Hippocrateon we try to be honest; even when we have bad news. We are honest with our patients, among ourselves and with all who are associated with us.

When people trust you with their life or with the lives of their loved ones, you assume great responsibility. You have no choice but to put them, the patients first. You cannot do that unless you know what you are doing (you are competent,) you feel their pain and understand their concerns (you have empathy,) and you are honest with them. This is the way that we are trying to care about our patients in Hippocrateon Private Hospital.

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